Published on December 04, 2020

Central America: Interest in Pharmacies on the Decline


Through a system that monitors in real time the changes in the interests and preferences of consumers in Central American countries, developed by CentralAmericaData, it is possible to project short and long term demand trends for the different products, sectors and markets that operate in the region.

For this piece of information, we analyzed the trend that shows the number of Internet searches and mentions in conversations in the digital environment associated with the topic "pharmacies", made by consumers in Central American countries.

In Guatemala and El Salvador, the drop in interest in this topic began to be reflected from July 19th and 26th, respectively. In the cases of Honduras and Costa Rica, the number of Internet searches has decreased since July 26 and August 9, respectively.

The interactive information system reveals that after increasing interest in this type of establishment, Panama reports a drop in the number of digital interactions, a downward trend that began in early August and continued through September, October and early November.

This tool for monitoring the interests of consumers in any country in the region allows companies to project trends in demand and anticipate the changes that will occur in the various sectors and categories of products and services. This information system allows tracking of any product or category, resulting in an extremely valuable input for making business decisions in the new commercial reality.

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