Published on August 17, 2020

COSTA RICA | Front labeling


COSTA RICA | Bill labeled front food and non-alcoholic beverages, file 22-065

The objective of this is the prevention of obesity, visibly and easily understanding, about the content of ingredients that due to their excessive consumption pose risks to people's health.

The Ministry of Health will determine the shape, size, colours, proportion, characteristics and content of the labels and nutritional labels, ensuring that the information contained therein is visible and easily understood by the population. The M.S. will decide on this issue in the next 3 months the initiative were approved, the sale of high-calorie products, sodium, fats and sugars would be prohibited in schools.

Products with saturated fats and other harmful nutrients in excess may not be marketed, promoted and advertised within preschool, primary and secondary schools.The text also indicates that the provision of these foods to minors and their advertising in content addressed to this population is prohibited.

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