Published on December 04, 2020

Decree No. 42610-S-MEIC, approving RTCR 501:2020


Cosmetic products, alcohol hand gel, specifications and requirements for health registration.

The inspections that have been carried out on a large number of alcohol gels offered in the market do not indicate the concentration of alcohol, and some that do indicate it do not always comply with it.  On the other hand, it was found that there are products that declare antiseptic or bactericidal action without being so, and it is not possible to sanction, because there is no reference of minimum alcohol content for this declaration.

The concern of the M.S. is that consumers could be buying a product that does not protect them against the Covid virus and on the contrary they are being exposed to the disease, due to the false security originated in the massive use of products that do not comply with the recommendations of the WHO.  Therefore it is considered vital to have a technical regulation that guarantees the specifications of the finished product to provide users with antiseptic safety in the situation that the whole world is experiencing as a result of the pandemic.

To comply with this regulation, the manufacturer has a period of 6 months to reformulate and/or re-label its products starting today.

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