Published on December 04, 2020

Sanitary Alert Natural Lecithin Cocoa


The general public is informed of the theft of 280 bags of 25 kg each bag for a total of 7000 kg Natural Cocoa Lecitinada 25kg, from 2 different lots.  This situation was detected on Tuesday November 10, 2020, by the producer Costa Rican Cocoa Products Company, SA, indicating that the theft occurred in the province of Alajuela. 

Costa Rican Cocoa Products Company S.A. has timely reported this event and filed the corresponding report with the judicial authorities as there could be a risk for consumers since, from the time of the theft, it is not possible to track the merchandise nor can it be guaranteed that it has been properly handled, stored and transported. Therefore, the products could be deteriorated, contaminated or adulterated.

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