Laidy Martínez

Regulatory Affairs Coordinator | Pharmaceutical Regent

Laidy Martínez

Something about Laidy Martínez

Lady is a Pharmaceutical Chemist with experience in regulatory matters, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations, which govern the pharmaceutical sector in Colombia, as well as ensuring the maintenance of health records in accordance with headquarters guidelines. It focuses on establishing and executing optimal regulatory strategies that ensure agile registration, preparation of the dossier for the purpose of obtaining, renewing or modifying health records.

She has knowledge in clinical pharmacy, experience in second and third level entities of complexity, participation in the dissemination of rules and procedures of the area, in equal treatment in research and development of strategic plans related to the promotion on the rational use of medicines, experience in pharmacovigilance, clinical research phase IIb and III patients with Asthma and COPD; and all those applications of the Law.

Lady is the Regulatory Affairs and Pharmaceutical Regent Coordinator of our office in Colombia.

Practice Areas

Regulatory Affairs

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 Carrera 9A 61-51 Office 103 Bogota, Colombia
 +57 747-3501