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C&M Accounting and Tax Solutions

CEDEÑO & MÉNDEZ, firm regional firm with offices throughout Central and headquartered in Panama City, announced the creation of a new business unit to which he has called C & M accounting and tax solutions to provide accounting services and tax advice.

C&M ACCOUNTING AND TAX SOLUTIONS offers, among others.


Financial Area

  1. Records of financial transactions in the accounting system
  2. Verification of expenditure and revenue
  3. Preparation of bank reconciliations
  4. Preparation of monthly financial statements
  5. Analysis of accounts receivable and payable
  6. Records official ledgers, major and general journal
  7. Preparation of monthly payroll of the Social Security Fund (SIPE system)
  8. Calculation of thirteenth month
  9. Calculation of labor settlements
  10. Accounting Outsourcing
  11. Financial audit, operational, fiscal and administrative
  12. Assistance inventory

Attorney Area

  1. Preparation and submission of tax returns (ITBMS, Ringers, income, transfers of movable and immovable property, capital gains, etc.)
  2. Preparation of report purchases (monthly)
  3. Management Tax payments (monthly and annual)
  4. Calculation of interest, penalties and surcharges
  5. Compliance planning and tax advice
  6. Due diligence tax, financial and legal
  7. Advice on transfer pricing
  8. Representation to the General Directorate of revenue (DGI)

Rembember to pay your taxes before March 31, 2018.

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