Competition Law

In the field of Antitrust, our company makes the necessary studies to determine the risk that certain hiring practices, sale, distribution, or collaboration with other players in the market can be considered contrary to antitrust rules.

Panama may occur in anti-competitive behavior through agreements between operators who are competitors or rivals in the same market or sector (horizontal practices); between producers and distributors (vertical practices) or as a result of the individual exercise of one agent on the market, provided that enjoys a dominant position in it (abuse of dominant position)

Monopolies and competitive practices consumer Protection, Unfair Competition, and Advertising

Advice on Consumer Protection: Our firm is also able to provide excellent advice on the different processes that can be processed to the competent authorities for claims of dissatisfied consumers or allegedly misinformed about the products or services purchased or contracted in the market. Additionally, we serve various consultancies related to consumer protection issues, such as labelling of pharmaceutical products, food & beverage, misleading advertising, real estate, etc.