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Corporate Law

CEDEÑO Y MÉNDEZ offers its clients a comprehensive service that provides them with expert legal advice and support to its operations, from the first moment you decide to establish your company, and eventually The process of formation of corporations, limited liability companies, civil societies, associations, private foundations and other existing legal entities, require the execution of multiple procedures before the competent authorities and the preparation of legal documents necessary for existence and proper exercise thereof. Additionally, commercial companies, then constituted, must make and keep accurate records of his administration, operations and structural changes during its existence, which must are subject to a regular update; In this sense our services are not only focus on the incorporation, if we expand the spectrum would provide our customers a comprehensive legal advice, that is, both to build their company according to their needs and business goals, prepare the documents related to it, as well as carry out the acts necessary to the respective authorities and to legal maintenance – corporate your company. Thus, the corporate department resolve any situation that he could present during operation Normal thereof.

CEDEÑO Y MÉNDEZ offers the following services:
  1. Constitution of corporations (corporations – LLCs), and the development of civil statutes
  2. Opening of branches and subsidiaries, representative offices and permanent establishments
  3. Advisory partnerships, distribution agreements, commission and in general all kinds of negotiations with the public and private sectors; and business operations planning, preparation and review of all types of commercial contracts
  4. Shareholders Agreement
  5. Preparation of minutes of meetings of shareholders, boards of directors and amendments to the social contract, as well as the necessary documents to carry just
  6. Constitution fide seizure and private foundations
  7. Accompaniment of the client in all aspects of the dissolution and Liquidation Company, corporate restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, sale of shares. Our services in this area mainly include tax planning, employment strategy, intellectual property, merger control and business integration, acquisition of assets, restructuring and corporate reorganizations and due diligence.
  8. General or specific tax advice
  9. International Trade and Transactions
  10. Collection efforts (judicial and extra-judicial)
  11. Consulting Probate and estate planning plans, our firm guides families in managing their assets, structuring tax efficient generational transfers, structuring and management of family investments under models or corporate foundations