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Competition Law

Competition Defense

In the field of Antitrust our company makes the necessary studies to determine the risk that certain hiring practices, sale, distribution or collaboration with other players in the market can be considered as contrary to antitrust rules.

Panama may occur in anti-competitive behavior through agreements between operators who are competitors or rivals in the same market or sector (horizontal practices); between producers and distributors (vertical practices) or as a result of individual exercise of one agent on the market, provided that enjoy a dominant position in it (abuse of dominant position)

Studies and consultations conducted by our firm, addressed topic such as:

Agreements Joint Ventures: Review and preparation of agreements and contracts of cooperation or collaboration with suppliers, distributors and potential competitors that do not involve permanent merger or acquisition of companies or assets, preventing the customer incurs colluding.

Risk analysis in business practices: identifying potentially incompetitivas situations, to minimize the risk of breach of antitrust rules. Likewise analyzes the actions taken by the client in the development of its business, which may be unfair to limit production, preventing access to the market or excluding actual or potential competitors. We also do the assessment and development of distribution agreements, ensuring that the clauses of sale or exclusive supply not fall within monopolistic or anti-competitive behavior.

Advising on procurement functions and consultants in the process of prior review of functions and acquisitions. As in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for procurement, financing contracts, shareholder agreements and other documents related to this operation. We developed the diligence due to better management of financial, economic and legal status of the company before the start of buying or selling shares:

Conclusion Practices

Monopolies and competitive practicesConsumer Protection, Unfair Competition and Advertising

Advice on Consumer Protection: Our firm is also able to provide excellent advice on the different processes that can be processed to the competent authorities for claims of dissatisfied consumers or allegedly misinformed about the products or services purchased or contracted in the market. Additionally, we serve various consultancies related to consumer protection issues, such as: Labelling of Pharmaceutical Products, Food & Beverage, misleading advertising, real estate, etc.

Advice on Unfair Competition: We represent our clients against possible acts that transgress the fair and free competition that could perform in different market sectors. Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling procedures before the incompetent authorities, providing advice as much as Repentance’s of the complainant or the alleged hand, totally involved in the cases are assigned to it.

Advice on advertising: In the advertising field, our firm receives from its customers, all ads of their products or services, preliminarily transmission through different media, this in order to verify the correct implementation of the advertising rules. That is our team evaluates the legality or illegality of different types of Advertisements such as advertisements medicinal or cosmetic products; Food advertising to children; Advertising of products and services offered by companies in the banking, finance and insurance; Advertising offers and promotions in general among others.

Business Promotions: we have a complete consultation concerning the activity, guided by trained professionals to help you make the best decisions. We process the registration of the trade promotion, raffle, tombola, online gaming or gambling at the control board game. We also do the processing of the return of bail once the activitySubsidy and anti-dumping Safeguards.