Intellectual Property

Currently, the commercial world operates in a highly competitive environment, where wealth is not exclusively concentrated in the possession of tangible goods, but as a result of the constant commercial flow, new rights related to Intellectual Property arise. Our goal is to offer complete and continuous assistance to each of our clients in all services related to the protection, valuation and maintenance of their Intellectual Property portfolio.

We believe in innovation, that is why we have developed specialized brand management software that allows customers to review their brands, attachments and status. It also allows us to track brands, monitor them and have expiration reminders.

Our service proposal covers the following areas:

A. Management and valuation of intangible assets.

-Intangible assets (know-how, product branding, trade name, marketing strategies, promotion, publicity rights, licenses, goodwill).

-Importance of management of intangible assets.

-Valuation of intangible assets of the company (assessment by Public Accountants).

B. Trademark and trade names

-Search of trademark slogans (commercials) and trade names.

-Legal advisory availability (or possible options rejects opposition)

-Design search.

-Search by title.

-State trademark review and history records.

-Trademarks and trade names.

-Renewal of trademarks and trade names.

-Administrative changes (transfers, change of address, mergers), trademarks and trade names.

-Review and appeals against rejections and preventions (administrative procedure).

-Opposition demands.

-Claims nullity and cancellation.

-Claims of abuse.

-Review systems in gazettes. Competition demarcates tracking or notification of similar landmarks development of cease and desist letters.

-Trademark protection in the Colon Free Zone and Customs registration service (applies only in Panama).

-Search and domain name registration through generic top-level domains (.com, .net, .org, .info) and country code domains. 

-Protection of intellectual property rights and rights of entitlement related domain names through ICANN UDRP.

C. Patents, utility models and industrial designs

-Search and research of the state previous technical.

-Filing and administrative follow.

-Protection of rights through the Paris Convention and The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

D. Trade secrets

-Planning systems to preserve the confidentiality of information (medical physical and contractual security).

-Preparation contract notice.

-Development of confidentiality clauses in contract jobs.

-Licensing trade secrets and know-how.

E. License agreements intellectual property - Transfer of technology and intangible assets.

-Review and development contracts acts use licensing (trademarks, patents, copyrights, know-how), purchase or sale of intangible assets, joint ventures.

-Strategies and business considerations.

-Intellectual property audit (mapping intellectual properties).

-Review patent and trademark portfolios.

-Prior to stakeholder study contract.

-Due diligence.

-Negotiating contracts and licenses.

-Confidentiality agreements (non-disclosure agreement).

-Entertainment and multimedia licenses.

-Biotechnology license.

-Franchise agreements.

-Distribution agreement.

-Appearance study of international law, bankruptcy, tax law and antitrust law.

-Writing transfer agreements domain names.

F. Copyright and related rights

-Drafting of audiovisual (production, post-production, co-production, reproduction, etc.).

-Records of works protected under the regime copyright (computer programs, writings, musical works, audiovisual work, etc.)

-Protection through copyright website design.

-Negotiation and assignment contracts making works protected by copyright.

-Negotiation and making use of licensees of works protected by copyright.

-Preparation and review of contract law image.

-Preparation and review of contract edition.

-Advice on protection issues ideas.

-Consulting in litigation information copyright.

G. New technologies

-Preparation and review of contracts for the development of web pages.

-Preparation and review of contracts Software and Hardware.

-Drafting of clauses and privacy policies.

-Writing of securitydocuments.

-Development and implementation of data policies and procedures and usedata that meet international standards.

-Drafting and negotiating vendor contracts and agreements use anddistribution of information.

-Legal protection of web pages.

-Development of online contracts (clickwrap and Browse wrap Agreements).

-Escrow Agreement or deposit of source code.

-Service Level Agreements.

-Drafting and Advisory Outsourcing contracts.

-Deposits and Notary samples.

-Study and adaptation of online procurement procedures to currentregulations.

-Preparation and review of contracts and conditions of payment servicesonline.

-Legal audit of Web pages.

-Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Domain Name.

-Conflict resolution procedures under the WIPO policy domains and .pa